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Sunday, June 1, 2008

First day of a New Month...and a new CAR!

Yes, Haley Howard...your name was picked in a random drawing...for a new car!
(not just popped out of our friend Craig's mouth as we pretended that we were picking up a friend on his lot)

Are ya kiddin' me? WHAAAT???!!
......(notice the sign overhead?)
No! We're NOT kidding...come back over here.....
and NO! it's not that red Corvette....
Will this little pretty blue Kia Rio do it for ya?
Oh YEA! Get outta mah waaaaaaay!!!

breath darlin...breath
Thanks for helping plan the surprise Gramie!
kurful honey...gwamie can't breav!

Thanks Craig!
"exactly which drawing did I enter?"
She's still a real blonde at heart.....

Now follow me home CAREFULLY until we get it added to the insurance....
Home at last...for about 20 minutes!

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