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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am My Mother's Daughter

I decided not to do alot of embellishments on this's all about the journalling, babeeee!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Scrapbook Getaway Tradition

It just wouldn't be the same without an "unfortunate" event...
as the tradition goes...there's always an injury of some sort that takes place before a Stampin Memories SB Getaway.
Let's time, it was a back spasm, another time I was recovering from a cyst removal on my leg, another time (and this was the best yet), I had driven over my own foot.

One time, I was wracked over the coals by someone who called me a "cold heartless, MEAN-o-pausal witch with no forgiveness in her heart.
(which didn't leave a bruise but caused other bodies parts to implode)

THIS week is true to the tradition.
The same said foot suffered an unidentifiable injury...could be a broken bone around the pinkie toe area or just bruised. How do ya like the colors of bruising so far? The colors are by far the best in between the pinkie toe, however, I wanted to spare you the details of what could be lurking in there since my a.m. shower so you'll have to take my word on that.

Did I have it x-rayed you ask? Who the hell has time? I have door prizes to shop for, goodie bags to put together, a mom who's having surgery, and bathrooms that need cleaning, floors that need mopping, and an out-of-town guest arriving!

So ice packs (ie; frozen lima beans) and Pink M & M's are the best I can do!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

sCRAPbook Supplies and how they grow....

It's amazing how the things we love just seem to take over our lives.
No area of space in one's home is safe from another plastic drawer organizer.
Can you imagine an Iris Cart in the bathroom (not with toiletries I daresay)?
Well, what could be handier? A few moments alone with the sound of the fan hiding the noise while you peruse all those metal hinges, eyelets and other treasured embellishments.. ha!
Personally, I started to purge the organizers while organizing. Does that make sense?
Well, when you notice the center of the plastic organizers sagging badly in the center, which prevents proper drawer function, it's time to move up to storage furniture.

Replacing one of those dreaded plastic drawer organizer isn't as simple as one might think. In one drawer was every checkbook register and carbon check I have written since 1982! What do you DO with those? Professionals say retention is 7 years. I should contact those Professionals and demand an award of some kind.
Whattaya think?

Anyhoot...after I am done today, this is what my office might look like...


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thinking of You-Silhouette Papers

Just goes to show, I can't stamp and hold a cell phone...
sorry the image is "smoooshed" (like lips on glass) but I still love these papers...ya?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dahlia Folds

I'm not good at multi-tasking...
hmmmmm must've lost that gene when I gained the Customer Service gene!
Anyhoot, was trying to watch a movie, listen to my iPOD and do this card...
some of the folds suffered greatly and I am sure the origamist (is that a word?) who designed it will have alot of nightmares seeing my version.

So using CTMH's new Paper Garden papers, I experimented anyways.
I'm making a bunch of cards for my mother-in-law who will be doing chemo for the next few months.
I love this paper and I know she will too!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SUPER Mother/Daughter Day!

It's a GREAT day when your 21 year old actually LIKES your playlist...(well...maybe not ALL of them, but we can compromise on the fast/fwd button)

Haley's iPOD shuffle was dead from her trip, so we shared earphones
(normally that would be an ewwww thing, but what the hell...we're related)

It's a SUPER day when a group of moms and daughters of a common bond can get together for an annual Mother/Daughter Brunch.
We've had to skip some years, but hey anything more than 5 years can be considered a tradition.
My generation of girls all went to school together except one.
So we started it with just us and our Moms...then our kids (omygod!) started getting old enough to attend.

So here we are this year at the Cliffhouse in Folsom, Ca.
(My oldest niece Nikki far left planned this year's)

Beautiful day and a group of beautiful women don't ya think?

So here are the group shots of each family;
Here are the Moms (1st generation)
From left Joan Churches, Mom, Rose Petkovich
For some reason we didn't get a shot of my generation or the 3rd generation together...
(I think we had too many in the ladies room!)

Debbie Young and her daughters Lindsay and Lauren (missing today is her mom and other daughter Jennifer)
All of Patti's Moms!
Patti had all 3 of our moms to call her own. In fact, she actually stayed with us for a while.
She claims it was great to have sisters....the walls & doors in our house would disagree.

The Churches
Lisa, Joan and Lucia
I think they look fabulous!
Petkovich Girls!
Elizabeth, Deb, Rose and Micheyl
(we missed having Rose's sister Claire and her daughter Judy!)

My (Jurich) Family
Nikki, Me, Mom and Haley
missing today is my sister Pam and her daughter Natalie

It's amazing how a group of us can meet up, drink up and catch up like it was just yesterday we met last...
I LOVE our Annual Mother Daughter Brunches!