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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Annual Mother/Daughter Brunch

For the past say, oh I dunno....6,7,8...maybe more years, the girls from Encina High(along with some outside friends and family) and our mothers, then grandaughters (when they got old enough) met once a year for Brunch.
Since our numbers go up and down, it's always hard-pressed to find a restraunt with free-flowing champagne (or Mamosas) and the room to accommodate us.

THIS year one of the mothers volunteered her home on The Bluffs of the American River and we did a pot luck. (yes, yes...we all KNOW I do NOT cook...but we know PW does! and I can follow her fabulous step by step directions). Since we had at least 10 pounds of carrots from the garden of which I have no part of, I ventured with her Whiskey Glazed Carrots. YUM!

So here we are...lookin' better and better every year!

Our Mothers
(yes, the picture of Mom in the newspaper came up a few times!)

And our generation
(can you guess which ones belong to each other?) Here's a hint...
the YOUNGEST of us are down in front!!! *evil grin*

the next generation down...our daughters:
Missing this year is my daughter who went to work instead of coming down with a headache or swine flu or somethun...
(someone needs instructions on leg placement but we'll give her a break as she's only a freshman/sophmore in High School now and she's just too darned cute!)

And ta-da!
Our first GREAT-Grandaughter in attendance:
It was a beautiful day and this was the view outside:


Kathi Carlson said...

Wow! Four generations of beautiful women. How fun!! And the outdoor scenery is something only for the imaginations of those of us who are stupid enough to live in the frozen tundra. Gorgeous!

Juel said...

Simply beautiful!