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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Menu for Father's Day **edited**

Since we ALL know I don't cook, the menu for today is brought to you from PW (of course).

Whiskey Glazed Carrots, fresh from our the garden (the carrots not the whiskey)
click here for the recipe.
I'm still dealing with the eratic back-ache, so I had to cut up the carrots really quick...with a really large knife...which made the BFG raise an eyebrow or both...worrying if I was doing this to end his misery (or mine depending on how ya look at it)
After I had the nice 2 pound requirement, I soaked em in water overnite in the fridge, cause...well being that they be home grown and the last of crop, they were a tad not-crispy.
And I had peoples to impress.

The main dish from PW's for today is her recipe for Flank Steak.
Now years ago, I use to impress the BFG (only he wasn't B or F back then) by making this at least every other week. My marinade was just plain ol' Soy and Worchester sauces. But again since I'm trying to impress peoples today, I thought I'd try something different.
click here for the marinade recipe.

That's about all I can handle today for entertaining.
Oh did I mention who's coming?
Mom (without the god-forsaken T-shirt I pray)
And Aunt Pat for Arizona.

Stay tuned for the results!
Results.....5 pieces left of carrots out of 2 pounds
and one slender lovely medium rare-rare slice of Flank Steak remaining (great samwich 2nite!)
These 2 recipes are my FAV as I (sort of) get back in the swing of sometimes, maybe cooking!

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