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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blast From My Past...and a warning!

Here's the warning first: This was before Photoshop peoples (circa 1979) was even thought of to reduce pounds, unflattering facial lines or flaws, bikini lines, and crocked noses and veins.
I figured if Tresa Black had the guts to show her Belly Dancing pictures untouched, I could surely share these!

As I was putting together a fabulous Expedit from IKEA, I realized there was an antique filling cabinet which required moving and that had some ol' trashy romance novels and a strange looking plastic photo album and *gasp* my wedding proofs in it!

As I opened the plastic photo album, these photos slid out. OH.MY.GAWWWWD.
As I remember the story, this guy came into the Bank Of America where I was working and asked me if I would consider modeling for him as he was starting up his business. momma raised no fool but hey, he was kinda cute in his own special way. (more about him in a bit)
His studio for lack of a better word was at the seedier end of J Street Downtown Sacramento.
Behind a solid steal door. With a gazillion locks. Cigar Store on one side, Bail Bondsman on the other.
This was the first photo shoot...he had found Augustitus riding a bike with signs attached and a flag on the back fender. He was to be my partner in "contrast".
Do I look "contrasted" to ol' Augustitus?
Or would you call this somewhat of a "Beauty and definitely the Beast"?

A while later, my photographer friend actually got a paying gig to shoot a catalog for a local gal who custom designed suede, silks and fur works of Art. We even made the newspaper (but alas that is MIA)

None of these were final cut photos, just a few he had given me to keep.
Did I mention I didn't get
(But he DID do my wedding photos for me!)

I'll repeat the warning; This was before Photoshop people (circa 1979) was even thought of to reduce pounds, unflattering facial lines or flaws, bikini lines, and crocked noses.
Suede lounging outfit:
Not sure of the look we were going for here...I think it was just setting up, lighting etc.

Yea...definitely setting up the shots:

Close-Up (not of me per se) of the color/details of this fabulous fur jacket. Each row of the jacket were individual pockets of fur that was layered (sort of like an owl wing)
Do these look like owl eyes?

Ok, so now you know I aspired to be a model.
But I aged before my time.
And they hadn't invented PhotoShop yet!!!!

Check out the success of my photographer friend!
We BOTH had a LOT more hair back then.
Kent Lacin

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