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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yes, We are Proud to Be an Apache!

Occasionally, a group of us who attended Encina High School (back when it was a GOOD school) get together. By occasionally, I mean any excuse we can think of ie: birthdays, warm weather, end of school year, or when we're bored with our every day lives…

So last nite we did…ie;  someone had a birthday, the warm weather arrived and our college-aged kids are now out of school and we were bored with our every day lives.

I do love getting together with our group…we have endured a lot since our High School days within our group..marriages, death, new relationships, etc. And we can truly commisserate with each other and give new perspective to why our years at Encina were either the happiest of our lives or the worst.

For some reason last night, confession time appeared after a few bottles of wine, Lemon Drop martinis and dinner.
Most of those there told me they were actually AFRAID of me! I found that sooo funny! Not because I wore studs, boots and carried a weapon or anything like that. Just the unknown about me…even though we had classes together, went to school games, dances, and took part in many assemblies showing our Apache pride, they all knew my name, but didn't "know" me. Hence, fear.

I had to set them straight…I never killed anyone and buried the bodies in our football field. I never dumped a shorter person in the garbage cans. And my one and only attempt to have a Kager party fell through because my grandmother needed a perm and my dad wanted to paint our bedroom ceilings instead of going out of town, NOT because I wanted all that beer for myself and my boyfriend!

It was nice to clear the air after all these years indeed.

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kath001 said...

This made me smile. Years after high school I ran into a very scary classmate when we were each waiting for our daughters at dance class. She asked me if we went to high school together, and I replied that, yes, I remembered seeing her at graduation. She laughed so hard at that, and we were inseparable through thick and thin thereafter.