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Saturday, December 24, 2011

In the Spirit…Merry Christmas

Just a few snapshots to "feel" the spirit of Christmas for the children.

You may recall this Christmas I sent out in '07…

It was just one of those priceless snapshots that turned into the best annual Christmas card.

Over the years I have had a lot of stress during the Holidays. One year I found myself driving around on Christmas Eve trying to find a tree I could afford. Another year, late Christmas Eve shopping at Wal-Mart with a gazillion other parents with some found cash to spend.
Some years I had to sell gold for cash…but as a young child, my daughter never knew.

And no matter how few presents she had from me, Santa ALWAYS took care of her.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Holiday Season...

Who am I kidding…it's the CHRISTMAS season!
I am quite frankly tired of being politically correct…'scuze me but what politician tells me what to say about any given holiday?

A lot has been going on…outside of my home and blog, of course.
Still dealing with mom's health issues, although she is better. Just a few setbacks here and there.
My camera and laptop are not communicating still! This has been a struggle for me.
I am mentally exhausted from the "day" job…not that it's bad, just draining.

I did want to take a moment to wish all of my followers a very Merry Christmas and a joyous, healthy New Year. I appreciate all the comments you have left over the past year, whether it be cracking a joke (love those at my expense) or a compliment on a piece of artwork. I know the art isn't published as often as I would like…some nites it's all I can do to get through the (totally illegal, but I didn't do it) DVD of the latest Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 ! (oy vey, I'm head over heels about cold, hard and sparkly things!)

Meanwhile back at the business side…here is the latest and greatest special from Close To My Heart!

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That's over a $45 value for only $15 bucks!

I recently received mine and can't wait to make a sample to show off here (after the current project I'm working on…)
And with the Rockin' Stamp of the Month promotion, don't forget that if you spend $50, you also qualify for the awesome December Stamp of the Month set (Mad About You) for only $5 !!!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Blog Hop-Roxie

Happy December! What?! Did someone say DECEMBER?! Don't even get me started on how the months have just (pa-chew) flown by!

If you have arrived from Pam's Blog you're on the right hop!
This month we are featuring the Roxie Paper Kit. I love this kit and have made many projects with it. The great thing about these papers is they just go so well with any theme, whether girlie-girlie, fun and funky or masculine. You just can't go wrong with Roxie!

Since I was outta mah mind last month and couldn't cough up any samples for the Believe Hop,you will benefit now with multiple Roxie projects! 
Lucky you!(or ehm…maybe not depending on if you like them or not!)

Favorite peeps from High School and our first (of many) get together in 30 years!

Someone really had to talk me out of this one… some co-workers bought it from me for their Sup…and I really like her, so it wasn't too hard to let go…

THIS was a super something special from my trip to Anaheim for our Annual Convention.
Each year, I'm able to go is more special than the last…and as you can see, we were ALL smiles!
Using the Memory Cube Game (nim-nut name) but it can be many things…12 days of Christmas, chore charts, etc.
I took that up a notch:

Please continue your "hoppin'" and bounce on over to Connie's Blog!

Don't forget to hop on over to my website to order any of these fabulous products!