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Saturday, July 12, 2008

3 Laughs Are We!

We all have em...friends near and far...

The "near" one (that's Shari on the right) lives just a few blocks from my office.
We just haven't been able to find a time slot to get together since she moved up here.

The "far" one (that would be Betsy on the left)from WA/UTAH/OHIO, came out for a reprieve of all the duties in her life right now...just to vegg and scrapbook.

Our connection? Close to My Heart, of course! We have always looked forward to annual Conventions so we can re-connect face to face. We've had many laughs and fun times over the years...This year, I'm on my own...Shari and Betsy aren't going to Convention in Florida.(along with some "other" near and far friends)
It just won't be the same
It won't be right, it won't be'll be different.

You would never know it's been 3 years since I've seen Shari, and almost 2 years for Betsy...if Shari's sweetie Steve hadn't been there (he took some great shots of us) well, I daresay the rafters may have come down on us!


Sue said...

I will be a friend at Convention! You are prolly the number one person on my list to meet!

Juel said...

I miss you so much girlfriend! You all look so GREAT!!

Betsy said...

Terri, you are definitely one of the good memories that will sustain me when I return home. Thank you for sharing time with us!