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Sunday, July 13, 2008

and STILL the Remodel Saga Continues...

Ok...I am about ready to loose it over this remodel of my office!
Here's the latest;
had EVERYTHING (papers, stencils, albums, resource books, DVD's, CD's, I mean EVERYTHING!) boxed up and into the dining room, living room, and yes, even the bathroom!
2 new Store N Style cubes and one more filing cube on order.
had all but one drawer of all the file cabinets emptied and into "must be shredded" bags or boxes.
had the 2 tables and matching corner unit SOLD and paid!
had everything washed down with water/vinegar and furniture polish.
had all the electronics unplugged, cleaned up and ready to just move to 2 new pieces.
had a friend's truck on stand-by to go pick up the NEW project table at Pier 1 (this weekend was the deadline, as they've been holding it for me.

Then just a few things happened that put the brakes on the whole thing...

I can't get ANY response from the on-line vendor on my order of the final Store N Styles
(this will cause a very poor rating and bad-word-of-mouth from me!)

As I slid one table out, turned it over to slide out the door, it got stuck...yea, the privacy panels caused havoc with my guest-a-ment through the doorway..halfway in the hallway & bathroom, the other end still in the office.. seems that I built all 3 pieces IN the room. And here they will stay.

I figured if I left it there blocking the old bald fat guy's way to the head he might just say "here, let me help with that...uh no. He just went outside to morning pee. (then the old bald fat guy said after my meltdown, "well, guess if you got rid of all the crap in here, you might be able to get it out" Uh whaaaaaaat? ALL of this data dumping was your crap too, bud!
Where do you think 26 years worth of records have been filed/stored, eh? got slid back INTO the office, where he hammered twice to attempt to un-engage the connectors (hey wait! this belongs to someone else now, dude!) then proclaimed..."nope, can't be undone". Now I DO remember that I had to bang on those areas for days, and he isn't that strong, but that was all the help I got on that subject. I'll have to call the company tomorrow to see a)if they still exist and b) if these CAN be un-engaged. omfg.

It is now in the CENTER of the office, not up against the wall because I got really anxious and put 2 new pieces in the spot along with the new phone cube.

BoyO! funny how small this room is now EMPTY except for the original furniture!!
Then the friend who was going to lend me his truck is in the hospital with a bad gallbladder. So I had to take my car which does not do well in the heat, and has no A/C to get the dang new project table...and everything else went to crap, it overheated while I had another said meltdown in EG....some water to replace what was lost, and a few stops on the way home and there it all sits...STILL in the car.

So here I a cramped office with everything else out in other rooms of the house 2 weeks out from leaving for Florida.

And when and if the old fat bald guy dares to make a comment about all the CRAP in the other rooms including the bathroom...I may just have to suggest that he not only pees outside, but *raps as well!

2 options here...
Cut off the privacy panels so we I can slide the pieces through the door OR

give the check back to the couple who bought the furniture and just take a hack-saw to the furniture.

Will there ever be a Marlboro Man for me?

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Kathy said...

oh honey, I feel your pain! Good luck in whatever you decide in doing! Have fun at convention!