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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yes, even me people...I have rejects...ya idea you just can't make work.
An idea that you need to make tons of the same thing, and after the prototype is done 2 whole days later you think to yourself, "are ya freekin nuts?

As you may know I am heading to Florida what? and leave all this fabulous smoke and heat?to visit an old friend from HighSchool and to the National Convention for CTMH.

We do swaps at Convention...attendees make a bunch of cards/projects and while standing in lines or during meetings and venues, we swap each other! Fun, fun! usual grander idea of trying to make alot while remodeling my Studio has been seriously lacking...

So what I get done, is what I get done! And if I only get 50 done, then I get to come home with 50 new items...don't get better than that!


The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...


I really like this one!!



Stampin n da Hood said...

Oh SHUUUUUR! this one was harder than the other No mass producing of this one!