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Sunday, July 20, 2008

TaDa! The Remodel is Moving Along!...

After wondering if my OLD furniture would require a hacksaw to finally happened!
Out with the old, in with the new!

Here's my Pier 1 Project Table...I DO LOVE IT!
AND I can stand up to work...which is what I really need to do without hunching over.
I found a cute little foot stool I'll be painting to just rest a foot on alternately...but that'll be after Convention..
(hoping to use some new stamps to decorate it!)
You'll see that I "hung" my Cricut Mattes on coffee hooks underneath. Little garbage bag and bigger garbage tote underneath.

One end has larger dividers for wider objects..
Cricut Cartrides, C-Bug and embossing folders, sample basket, glue bucket

Opposite end;
Narrower shelves holding my QKBinder and tool, reference books, embossing kit, pencils, BIA, trimmers, etc.

And I found this cute little Gateway Bench...put that together right away and put under the window.
Left Cubical has hostess gifts, forms, etc. Center has small stencils and patterns, Right one has other stuff

Then in the basket are things that!
Here's the close up

I'll do photos of the MMEmbellishment Centers on the walls later.
And now on with unpacking and finding places for the 15 boxes still to unpack!


Kathy said...

This looks great! I am in awe and a little jealous! Wish I could come over and help you get organized!

Have fun while doing this, and also have fun at convention! I am not able to go to convention this year because of my surgery, but possibly the next time I will be able too.

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Terri, Terri, Terri!



Where the heck did u get the cool baskets and the pink n green "baskets" in the cubby??? I MUST have those for my space!!!

Love the remodel & can't wait to see the whole thing all done!



Stampin n da Hood said...

Got them all at M's, Erin!
Each one was either half off or with a coupon, half off, too!
Wait til ya see the MM's Embellishment Centers up on the wall!