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Tuesday, November 4, 2008 Works... and

make a change.

I was very proud and humbled to be able to sit with my daughter tonite and watch history happen before our eyes.

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lesliecrosby said...


We, too, watched with our children as history was made. Austin, our 9 year old, was in my lap, and Molly, our 5 year old, sat between my husband and me. The news has been on for about an hour, and as the banner was shown announcing our 44th President, our house stilled. Even at their young ages our kids knew the importance of what they were seeing. I explained that someday when their children were learning about democracy in school, they would be able to tell their kids that they were among the first to witness Obama's win.

As I said this, Austin turned to me and asked if I was crying. I was! Tears of pride in our country, tears of hope. What a special time for family; what a incredible time for our country.

Leslie Crosby
(a fellow CTMH consultant)