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Sunday, November 16, 2008

ok, here's some of the finalists for the photo shoot today with Zoe the Briard...
we liked this one for the obvious reasons in the "meaning" behind the photo...
this walkway was named for my friend's late husband, Peter's Alley.
The trees were planted with some of his ashes, the metal sculpture of a heart with the rock pendulum (he was her rock and he had the sculpture made for her.
We left the hose in the picture because some relative made the humingbird faucet (who is getting one of her holiday cards with the photo, otherwise would have been cut out)
She also liked the fact that it was not close up to her face.

We both really liked this one, too....except arg! the orientation for the cards is wrong AND those darned trash cans went unnoticed!
and here's the one we both REALLY liked...
mainly because Zoe thinks she is a lap dog...honest.
I know..the rock looks like it could be her gonad, but we all know she's a girl!

Please remember that I don't use any type of program to edit photos or "correct" things...AND we really wanted "raw"...this is them, nothing pretentious, not a "formal" type portrait...

I think we did just fine!

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