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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ode to a Dog...

Yes...dogs are like family...and yes this was my little sister. Being the youngest of two, that's what happens. I needed a little sister, too.

So what that she had four really cute paws.
And a long arched tail.
And the longest eyelashes on earth.
And a quirky personality.
And always wanted my food, begging for the crust off my toast.
And never liked birds or squirrells or cats.
And laughed (if dogs can) at all of our mommy's funny costumes.
And survived the house fire.
And would come stay with me, loving all the wide open space and new sounds (coyotes) and sites (fields of tomatoes, hay, and corn)

And had to grow old.
And forget why she was going outside.
And would get lost on the walkway back to the door.
And would wander through her own house of 14 yrs and need directions back to the family room.

And would sleep more than be awake.

Dogs are like daughters in fur coats, we say.
They want to play when we want to rest.
They want to go outside when we sit down.
They want our dinner even though they just ate.
They know when you need them and will cuddle close.
They could care less when football is on TV.

It breaks our hearts when their legs fail and kidneys shut down,
And they know they can count on us to say that's enough.

Good bye my little sister...there will always be a place in our hearts for you.
Thank you for being the best loyal friend and companion for our mommy.


Juel said...

I'm sorry for your loss my friend.

heidi said...

My heart hurts for you. The loss of a friend and companion is so very painful. I'm so very sorry and my thoughts are with you!

mE said...

Oh Terri,

I missed this earlier... I am sorry for your loss. Little furrballs are such wonderful blessings to have in our lives.

Big Hugs to you!