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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Digital for Dummies

I'm doing a photoshoot today for a neighbor...she wants to send photo cards for her Holiday cards.
I'm a nervous wreck!

I keep wishing for an SLR Digital Camera...ya know, like the Nikon that cutie-patootie Ashton "gets the shot" with in their commercials...or the infamous Canon Rebel SLR.
If I DID have a camera like that (in my dreams) I could do FABULOUS things! I could even use a PhotoShop Adobe program to inhance, alter, crop, etc. my photos. (NOT gonna happen no matter what camera I have...but it's part of the dream, k?)

I am quite sick and tired of getting shots like this during an event...
gack! I was maybe 10 feet away and totally missed the shot of Camryn getting her trophy.

Then the other times, I get GREAT shots like this...sitting in nose bleed seats!
I mean for heaven's can even see the water drops! and NO blurring!!!!

Then I visited a website and found some great shots she gets ALL the time with a Point and Shoot Digital similar to my Kodak Z740.

That's when I started to;
a. visit some other sites dedicated to Point and Shoot Digitals
b. read my manual while perusing a. above.

So far, it's all TMI (too much information), but I am HOPEFUL that at a certain point, I'll have the A-HA moment! to know when in "this" situation, do "this" and when in "that" situation, do "that".

One thing I DO know is the best batteries out there are the BLUE Power X Duracells.

So if you are wide awake, or like to read things that might make sense more than your digital camera manual (you DO know where that is, right?), then check out the new links I added under "Point and Shoot Digital for Dummies".

If anything stuck in my brain between last night and this morning, I'll share some shots from today later.

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ivoryhut said...

Hi there! Thanks for the shout-out and the link. You're doing the right thing: practicing, reading your manual, and checking out what others are doing. That's my method too. Flickr has this group of users who have your same camera, and, as you've already said, picking other people's brains makes the whole learning process go faster.

Happy shooting!