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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nothing to share or show...

Just call me "bad" blogger, "bad" mama.
I have nothing new to share or show. I have no Holiday Spirit, nor Holiday tree up yet, either!
After (and still on-going) having the shingles, I also have NO energy. It's all I can do to make it through slow days at work. (and that's the worse!).
I have bought TWO holiday gifts and only made 25 Holiday cards (I betcha you're hoping to get one of those, right?)
I'm still having bouts of insomnia, too. So here I sit at 4am, blogging.

Tomorrow ( I plan to head out to Joanne's to look at fabric.
I saw a really cute lap-wrap on a gal at work yesterday and thought, "self, you could have made a hundred of them for Holiday gifts, girl! and if ya hurry, ya still can make a few!"
That's Plan A.
If Plan A doesn't work out, it's Plan B.

Plan B isn't much's NOT pulling out my little White sewing machine that my Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob gave me in the 80's that still purrs like a kitten and whipping a stitch here and there by the fire whilst Holiday oldie movies play.
Plan B is NOT in the comfort of my own home.
Plan B is NOT for the still-weak-from-shingles.
Plan B has no forethought.
Plan B has no meaning.

Well, what exactly IS Plan B?
Driving into town, grabbing one of these (IF I'm lucky which lately I have not been)
being at the end of this line....
and dreaming of one of these
Plan B scares me.

Well, certainly not the last part...let's hope Plan A works and ends with the latter of Plan B.

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