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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Internet...either LOVE it or HATE it...**Edited**

For all the things that the great www brings us, a few things come to mind:

Sometimes it's hard to decide exactly where to go on the net.
  • And with all those choices, how much time do I spend there?
  • Do I fall into the whole I tweet therefore I am point of view?
  • Do I like to play games  apps on Facebook?
  • Do I encourage others to fully appreciate it or roll my eyes back into my head when someone else refuses to love  use all that it offers?
  • Can I possibly earn money on the www?
(why yes! but that's another issue altogether)
  • Will I use it for the betterment of all women (ok, maybe a few men) kind or just my own persuasions?

    If you find that you agree with some but not all of the above, you are no different than millions of other computer owners (and some of those don't even know what "the net" or the "www" really mean. You know who you are, come on, admit it)

    Just don't call me with your puter issues. I am not the Geek Squad.

    I like sharing things I found on the net...crafts, coupons, great recipe sites, (we know I don't cook but they are still great!), photography help,  general info about a certain cold, dead and sparkly person I find fascinating.

    But for all of the above, one thing I know to be true;
    The internet connects me to lost friends from my past that I loved then and as of recently found, still do!

    The miracle of talking live to a loved one in another country face to face? Wow!
    Chatting with high school friends who are snowed in and drunk? Fun, fun, fun!
    Chatting with current friends and the trials of what we call our lives as they are. Meaningful.
    Old business acquaintances the you use to chat with all nite! Be still my heart.
    Sharing creative ideas with someone clear across the world! Earth shattering.
    Watching movies on-line when I can't (or don't want to) go to a theatre. Over the top.
    **AND as of late...a you-tube on how to fix the heater/AC in my CAR!!!

    So say what you will about the internet, but tread carefully with your words because's my NEW and OLD BFF!!!


    kath001 said...

    I'm such a factoid the internet. I spend way too much time on the laptop. I can find almost anything...and anyone! :)

    mE said...

    LOL Terri! You're so right!

    It has both good and bad things to it. You just go about it wisely :)