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Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Tradition...

and it's NOT March Madness...but close!

Every April, the Alumni of my High School have a one-time fund raiser.
A team of Alumni (Apaches) players and the current Varsity (Bulldogs) team square off in a Basketball game.

Now just because the Alumni are "old", that doesn't mean we don't give the kids a run for their money...oh did I mention that we've raised an average of $50k each year just by emails alone?
Hard to believe this year will be the Encina High School 8th Annual Alumni Challenge!
(please take a peek at that'll just be simply amazed at this very fun, but worthy event!!)
Every year proves to be a true fingernail knawing, knuckle cracking, rockin game!
I have perpetual layouts of a lot of my Reunion group of friends and sometimes I do include pics from the games, too.

One year after reading Donna Downey's "Yes! It's a Scrapbook", I wanted to find a way to put together what few pictures I have from High School. When I started to gather the pictures, much to my dismay, I found there's nar' but a few...however, I had TONS of memories.
So how do you capture the memories of school?
In a LUNCH box album, of course!!!
Here's the cover page (for lack of a better word)
This is the front of good ol Encina High School (we ARE the mighty APACHES;
here are some of the pages in no PAR-tic-U-lar order...

Now these are just 3 out of the four "class" photos (please for the love of God do NOT look too closely....)
A close up of the roads traveled to and from school (you'll notice the side street named "Hood" highlighted with a circle tag...sort of dejavu, eh?)
And of course the ROCKIN' Gremlin I use to drive the last few years of school (had to share with Dad, of course)
Now this is where scrappers get to take a creative license (pun intended)...I didn't have a photo of our Gremlin, so I "googled" Gremlin and lo and behold! there's actually a Gremlin fanatics website, so downloaded a photo of the the same style, printed it out and reversed sponged the color same as ours! haha oh, the cleverness of me!!!!
This is how I "documented" my memories...just started typing and man! I filled at least 4 of the pages! haha
The very last page of the memory pop ups have our school Alma Mata and Fight Songs.
This last one...shows my sister and I at her wedding (the first one! stab, jab, snark)
But my favorite photo is the one on the's my long time friend Peggy...I will be visiting her this summer in Florida on the 21st anniversary of the LAST time I saw her!
The Sunshine of My Life is my Junior Prom Bid.
Well, thanks for taking a short walk down 4 years of my High School Memory Lunch Box!

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Juel said...

As always my friend such a great idea!! Loves