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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wow...BIG news in the SB World...

Many of you know that I am a BIG fan of Stacy Julian.
She's a former DOTS demonstrator who went on to ROCK the SB industry in many, many ways.
Founder and Editor of Simply Scrapbooks magazine, author of 3 ROCKIN books, one that gave me the BIG PICTURE and an awesome motivational speaker many times per year. (did I mention she has 4, or is that 5 children, too?!)

She gave me many AHA moments...(and I'm on my knees praying that will continue)
never mind the shoe/sock fetish, k?
...taught me how to think outside the box while scrapbooking
...taught me that it's OK to scrapbook when the mood strikes me (aka; NOT in chronological order)
...taught me to give myself permission to NOT be "caught up" in my scrapbooking
(aka; as long as you are taking photos, you will NEVER be "caught up")
...taught me that MY style is OK!
...showed me it's ok to remember Mr. Rogers with tears in my eyes
...made lil' ol' me feel like I was someone important by simply responding to an email that TOTALLY rocked my world!
...and of course enables me with more green things than I ever dare dream to own!

So where's all this goin, Terri?
Well, Stacy is taking a herself in a new direction....stepping away from SS Mag and Creating Keepsakes Media....
I know she's not gone for good...and manO! I cannot wait for her to
(whatever that is!)

I do thank her....I DID thank her...left a blubbery message on at 1-

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