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Friday, March 7, 2008

It's that time of support My FRAME of Mind!

Right along with MSBE, annual eye exams are a necessary evil...however!
I absolutely love them! I love my eye doc
I love Haley's eye doc Dr. Laraine Low, too (I use to work for her father years ago while she was just a pup in college) but their hours are not compatible with mine.

Ya know how some women shop for shoes and hand-bags?
Not me. Nope.
I shop for frames.
Why? Well, I just REFUSE to wear my mother's glasses. I love variety. I love fun and funky.
We wear the current trend of clothes (unless you're cleaning toilets, dog vomit and poop all day)
So tomorrow I'll have my annual routine comp. eye exam, and yippee! select my 3 pairs of glasses.
While these may represent me perfectly
I may have to choose something ....more....well....suitable for work!

See my sunglasses here. in tortoise shell.?.with DriveWear Lenses they'll be awesome!

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Erin said...

Can't wait to see whatyou choose, Terri!!!

Inky Smiles!