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Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Tradition...

and it's NOT March Madness...but close!

Every April, the Alumni of my High School have a one-time fund raiser.
A team of Alumni (Apaches) players and the current Varsity (Bulldogs) team square off in a Basketball game.

Now just because the Alumni are "old", that doesn't mean we don't give the kids a run for their money...oh did I mention that we've raised an average of $50k each year just by emails alone?
Hard to believe this year will be the Encina High School 8th Annual Alumni Challenge!
(please take a peek at that'll just be simply amazed at this very fun, but worthy event!!)
Every year proves to be a true fingernail knawing, knuckle cracking, rockin game!
I have perpetual layouts of a lot of my Reunion group of friends and sometimes I do include pics from the games, too.

One year after reading Donna Downey's "Yes! It's a Scrapbook", I wanted to find a way to put together what few pictures I have from High School. When I started to gather the pictures, much to my dismay, I found there's nar' but a few...however, I had TONS of memories.
So how do you capture the memories of school?
In a LUNCH box album, of course!!!
Here's the cover page (for lack of a better word)
This is the front of good ol Encina High School (we ARE the mighty APACHES;
here are some of the pages in no PAR-tic-U-lar order...

Now these are just 3 out of the four "class" photos (please for the love of God do NOT look too closely....)
A close up of the roads traveled to and from school (you'll notice the side street named "Hood" highlighted with a circle tag...sort of dejavu, eh?)
And of course the ROCKIN' Gremlin I use to drive the last few years of school (had to share with Dad, of course)
Now this is where scrappers get to take a creative license (pun intended)...I didn't have a photo of our Gremlin, so I "googled" Gremlin and lo and behold! there's actually a Gremlin fanatics website, so downloaded a photo of the the same style, printed it out and reversed sponged the color same as ours! haha oh, the cleverness of me!!!!
This is how I "documented" my memories...just started typing and man! I filled at least 4 of the pages! haha
The very last page of the memory pop ups have our school Alma Mata and Fight Songs.
This last one...shows my sister and I at her wedding (the first one! stab, jab, snark)
But my favorite photo is the one on the's my long time friend Peggy...I will be visiting her this summer in Florida on the 21st anniversary of the LAST time I saw her!
The Sunshine of My Life is my Junior Prom Bid.
Well, thanks for taking a short walk down 4 years of my High School Memory Lunch Box!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

On a "grand scale".....

Cracked me up! This would make the ULTimate April Fool's Day joke!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"g" thanks!

This is an oldie but goodie....someone asked me, "why would I need a "g" stamp?
I said.."gee, lemme show ya!"
What I like best about CTMH's Solo sets is you get sooo many things to go with that letter/number in a set.
Gotta love mixing and matching!
Colors are Twighlight and uhmmmm...cocoa...yea!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wow...BIG news in the SB World...

Many of you know that I am a BIG fan of Stacy Julian.
She's a former DOTS demonstrator who went on to ROCK the SB industry in many, many ways.
Founder and Editor of Simply Scrapbooks magazine, author of 3 ROCKIN books, one that gave me the BIG PICTURE and an awesome motivational speaker many times per year. (did I mention she has 4, or is that 5 children, too?!)

She gave me many AHA moments...(and I'm on my knees praying that will continue)
never mind the shoe/sock fetish, k?
...taught me how to think outside the box while scrapbooking
...taught me that it's OK to scrapbook when the mood strikes me (aka; NOT in chronological order)
...taught me to give myself permission to NOT be "caught up" in my scrapbooking
(aka; as long as you are taking photos, you will NEVER be "caught up")
...taught me that MY style is OK!
...showed me it's ok to remember Mr. Rogers with tears in my eyes
...made lil' ol' me feel like I was someone important by simply responding to an email that TOTALLY rocked my world!
...and of course enables me with more green things than I ever dare dream to own!

So where's all this goin, Terri?
Well, Stacy is taking a herself in a new direction....stepping away from SS Mag and Creating Keepsakes Media....
I know she's not gone for good...and manO! I cannot wait for her to
(whatever that is!)

I do thank her....I DID thank her...left a blubbery message on at 1-

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stuff Organizer...

A fellow CTMH'r Jeani Hill shared her template for the filler pages...
Now that it's long as I can find it when I need to know what I have and don't have!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Must be that time of year....

I don't see any eggs yet...what gives?

and THIS is our own Easter Bunny, Finola.
Happy Easter!
Happy Keester, too!

Friday, March 21, 2008

More Disney Fun!

Ya think there might be a theme here lately with the Disney themed items, eh?
I really did make this over a year ago...however, it's worthy to be here as well.
The "album" is 6 x 6.

Inside front cover (left)

Middle area holding 5.5 individual pages. The tabs were made with the Cricut of course as well as the other letterings.
Liquid glass on the lettering and ears.

Here's a better view of the tabs

Right inside back cover holds another mini album.
Tabs are from Quikutz

Here's the individual mini pages.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Glo Girl!

I love Bellas!
What's a Bella? Geads...where ya been girl? Check em

Since I have TONS of More To Adore papers from Close To My Heart, I tend to go with the PINK embellishments when I use the Bellas.
Baby Pink My Accents just add the extra foo-la-la.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lastest Project...Top Ten Favs

This was the gift that went with the "Welcome to the Bifocal Club" card...
I know they don't match...but neither do these
This base item is available at Oriental Trading.
Using Close To My Hearts Let's Get Together Card Kit.
To protect the paper covers from icky fingers, I cut a page protector, punched holes to match up with the rings, then slit them for easy removal.

Then because of the clever-ness-of-me, I took an acetate sheet and did the same so the "cook" could put it over the recipe she's using at the time.
Now...for the typed recipe cards,(which were for my SIL's using Gramma's recipes) I simply (ha-ha-ha) created created a word doc and with some practice (and tons of paper) got it so that I could use Dotto to attach the recipe card to a piece of printer paper, put it in the printer and hit print!
Cool beans!
I used blank cards and mounted on larger pieces of cardstock.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to the Bifocal Club!

I saw this in a magazine over a year ago and filed it away in a "mental idea box"...can only take credit for the design, not the idea.
Well...I think it really suits my "frame of mind" don't you?

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's that time of support My FRAME of Mind!

Right along with MSBE, annual eye exams are a necessary evil...however!
I absolutely love them! I love my eye doc
I love Haley's eye doc Dr. Laraine Low, too (I use to work for her father years ago while she was just a pup in college) but their hours are not compatible with mine.

Ya know how some women shop for shoes and hand-bags?
Not me. Nope.
I shop for frames.
Why? Well, I just REFUSE to wear my mother's glasses. I love variety. I love fun and funky.
We wear the current trend of clothes (unless you're cleaning toilets, dog vomit and poop all day)
So tomorrow I'll have my annual routine comp. eye exam, and yippee! select my 3 pairs of glasses.
While these may represent me perfectly
I may have to choose something ....more....well....suitable for work!

See my sunglasses here. in tortoise shell.?.with DriveWear Lenses they'll be awesome!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Need a Giggle or Grin?

I saw this album at a local SB store but was too cheap to take the $45 class.
Made simply with a cut up box. The "ears" are just circles of said cut up box covered with CTMH Black Textured Cardstock
Cover and back cover is covered with CTMH Giggles n Grin papers...
And of course bound with my BIA.

And here's the one that gave me the inspiration.

Monday, March 3, 2008

De-Stresser Kit Coaster Box

I've got a TON of coasters and saw this idear on another I threw this together for our new Sup at work...
Yea...ANOTHER new Sup!
I still think that they keep coming on board just to get an exclusive "Terri Howard" gift...
ok..maybe not!
Anyhoot..ingredients inside are a bunch of products from the home version of Bath and Body.
It's stuff we have tons of and well...let's just say I don't like smelling like fruit all the time.
Now if it was Aromatherapy from Bath and Body there would not be any I would give away-er, share!
So I wrapped some containers with the Life's Delight kit from CTMH and of course the Bella stamp just went so well with the theme...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Just Couldn't Resist!

It may not fit my Cricut Expressions machine (confirmed that upon arrival)...but who cares!?!
It'll be fabulously fun to take on my trip to Florida this summer.
I have a feeling this order might be one of those "stories"...will let ya know when it arrives!