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Monday, March 16, 2009


If you are a blogger, THIS is the Academy Awards, the Oscars, the Tonys....
and if you have ever had insomnia and jumped onto my blog (clearly not award winning) and visited Pioneer Woman
for recipes or just to wanderlust about her romance with Marlboro Man, need how to work wonders in Photoshop, or humorous every day life, you'll be JUMPIN' JIMINIE for JOY because she won the 2009 Weblog of the YEAR!
I'm so tickled for her...I'm jealous of her ...well not the hard water issues she has...uhm, not the cold winters in Oaklahoma either...ok let's face it, not jealous that her kids like to play with calf-nuts, but HEY! I am REALLY jealous of the Lodge and her happy abode, awesome camera (and self taught skills) and just to be honest here, she does FAB giveaways, too!
Read about here

Well done, PW,
Well done!

for all the winners click here

and of course, she and I will be celebrating by having Marlboro Man doin da mamba on the Lodge's new long kitchen counter top wearing his chaps!

Did I mention I love men in chaps, too?

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Betsy said...

Ima gonna hafta not only check out hers, but all the other winners! I love the names they come up with - wish I was so creative!