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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have I Mentioned that I DON'T Garden?

Let me mention here....I do NOT garden...I know there is a lot joy to be had for gathering dirt (or digging in said dirt), starting seedlings, or rescuing sad little saplings from the home/garden stores, applying the proper nutrients, water, weeding, (and oh yea ...dosing the proper amount of love) and then standing back and admiring all the fruits of the labor whilst patting one's self on the back.

It just ain't me, folks.
Plants commit harie/karie when they see me coming.
I don't know how they know. They just do.
I've even killed the cute bamboo shoots shaped into a heart that Haley gave me one year.
How does one kill bamboo shoots you ask? Give them to me.
Their end.

So where did this awesome (and healthy I might add) broccoli plant come from?
In my our garden.
The BFG* digs in the dirt, plows, rototils, adds rebarb for the perfect grid, builds a 2 x 4 raised bed right smack in the middle of the lawn (ok, towards the edge of property line), uses all my cute holiday metal decorations to keep birds away (picture; purple metal witch heads, red/white/blue baubles, and "welcome bunnies" signs sporadically placed around said raised bed in the grass)

Then he pops a beer and stands back to pat himself on the back.
Many times... during the day,
the weeks
and the months.

acronyms are how most web users identify family members.
For example; DH can be dear husband, darling husband
BFG* is the acronym I use for mine.


Kathi Carlson said...

I'm with ya on the plants. Silk doesn't even fare well under my care. The dust gets so heavy the leaves fall off. DH (darned husband) isn't any better with anything green (including money) than I am. And now, I'm trying to figure out your acronym, going so far as to check out the list at Big Friendly Giant? Bound for Glory? Big Freaking Gun (polite form)? Big Fat Guy? Or what I came up with on my own, Best Friend Guy? A couple of ideas unbefitting to a grandmother also popped into my head but were quickly expelled. LOL. You need to clarify ...

Stampin n da Hood said...

"Big Fat Guy?"

you're close Kathi...really really close!

Betsy said...

Okay, I INSISTED I drive from Utah to Kentucky just so my plants could come with us. And what has happened over the past 6 months? I've killed them ALL. Anything else is going to grow outside and is totally the responsibility of my husband. Including the grass. The end.

mE said...

ROFL Terri!


Hanging head....

We have a garden.

In pretty raised beds.

Last year we planted 17 tomato plants, 6 strawberry plants, 8 bell pepper plants, 1 Jose Jalepeno plant, 2 cucumbers, 1 watermelon, carrots, and a little herb garden.

DO you know what we actually harvested?

Tomatoes & Carrots

Everything else either didn't produce big fruits/beggies or they shriveled up or were consumed by those stinking cucumber beetles.

I blame it on the dang poo flood. Cuz we planted too late... and then got distracted by remodeling. Fnah!

Today I have 12 Roma tomato starts and 12 Beefeater starts in little trays in my kitchen.... We planted bell pepper seeds, too, but for some reason they have not sprouted yet. grrr... I'm kinda annoyed.

Yes, I m a nerd.

But that happens.

And then you make salsa.