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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Miniatures and Memories

Random things can at times have a meaning...
for example, a long time fellow consultant Bren commented on Facebook that she had found herself drawn into the world of miniatures.
I had just signed up to for a sidewalk sale at a miniature store in town to let go of the miniature house that my mom had built 22 years ago that we rescued from her house fire 8 years ago!
(Haley and I wore rubber boots and gloves to salvage all the things dumped when the firemen pulled it out of the house)

I wondered...well, couldn't hurt to ask her if she might be interested in some of our things...haha! interested was she? enough to drive almost 500 miles TODAY!
Yea...that's the thing about find yourself doing just about anything for that find. (like we use to sleep in our cars overnite to be the first at a Beanie Baby release!)
I went to snap off some pictures and much to my dismay, even though the house has been covered, dust and dust bunnies had found their way in (unlike our own houses, right?)

Anyhoot...after going through room by room, I figured some canned air, and Murphy's soap were in order. (Even if we didn't sell off everything it would still need to be presentable to whomever ended up with our treasures)

I opened the trunk in the "todder's" room and WOW! I found a REAL miniature scrapbook my mom had made...with REAL pictures that she had reduced from a my grandfather's family scrapbook! Not only that, but the mini guest book from her "open house"!

Gong through all these miniatures made a gloomy rainy day nostalgic...
Thanks Bren!
(in more ways than one...)


Kathi Carlson said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Those little books are amazing. I'd forgotten, too, just how early I'd get up or how far I'd drive for something I wanted. That was before I could sit on my butt and find it on the Internet. LOL.

Betsy said...

I'd have a heck of a time letting this go!! It's amazing!!!!

Juel said...

very sweet! I'm not sure I would be able to let go of it either!

Stampin n da Hood said...

these artifacts will be locked in my firebox for sure!

bren yule said...

Love that!!!!