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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mini Bow Maker

Idn't this the cutest stankin thing?
Another tidbit from the Miniature house mom made and that is going to a new home.
I sent this off to the new owner for a taste of the world she is about to enter...
You see things in a whole new dimension in the Miniature world.
Take the gift wrapping for example. You simply cannot have gifts under the Christmas tree without bows. And how does one make mini bows that are scale to a true miniature house?
With a mini bow maker, of course!
If I find out she's got some cool new technique crossing over the mini bow maker for our card making and scrapbooking world, I'll have to shoot myself for letting this one go.


Betsy said...

OMHeck, I want that... in fact... I want all the miniatures!! I wish I'd known! You must make a gazillion bows before you let that go... use many many colors!!! I'd use them in scrapping!

Tracey Mason said...

Ok, do tell! How on earth do you accomplish that itty bitty bow and not tear up your fingers?

bren yule said...

argh-way cute!