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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It Happened...I Failed at Something...

I just can't get a grip on the whole Facebook thing.
I absolutely hated MySpace because of all the primping, music, revolving graphics (that made this progressive lens wearer get a headache!) backdrops or layouts whatever the heck they call it. Heck, I only signed up for MySpace to keep track of you-know-who while she was in you-know-where.

So I figured that Facebook would allow me to connect with my many different circle of friends.
Well..I gotta say that I really don't like seeing all unrelated posts from others who happen to be friends with some of my friends. I end up doing the Jim Carey version of Jerry Lewis' Nutty Professor, (eye balls rollin', cheeks sucked in, fingers spazzing) like, do I really care about that enough to read this? and then click on their picture and find I need to be their friend, and on and on and on.....!

Good Lord-a-Mighty! When does it stop?!!

So I guess I failed in the respect that I didn't approach it the correct way, or it didn't meet or exceed my expectations and I failed to know that in advance?

I'll still pop in once in a's a good thing I reference my blog on my home page there...
those that care can always find me here!

And darn it! I missed Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration again this year!
I'm a Ham I am. And of course it's gotta be green.

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Betsy said...

Ah, heck, you are way too busy for that stuff anyway... Just keep creating your awesome stuff and I will be here to see it!! (and stea...ahem, borrow it!)