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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Attitude...It's All in the Delivery

I'm on the "phone" in a World Class Call Center for 9 hours per day...
I am privileged to service many publics for my Company.
My co-workers and I are empowered to make resolutions right then and there.
No hassles, no jumping through hoops, no problem.
I enjoy it!
I am more than willing to assist.
I love hearing the "thank yous" in such a surprising voice from my callers, that usually they don't know what ELSE to say!

Some people you cannot please. Some people are taking the whole finger pointing line of "you people" to an obscene level. You know...."you people have lousy this..." and "you people" can go sit on this..."

Every month we have to listen to our calls and be rated on the whole Customer Connection. We can be in the wrong by saying, "your blah-blah is covered in full, you would just have a $10 copay" uh no....that should be said, "your blah-blah is covered in full less a $10 copay". ErrRR? Isn't that what I said?

One thing that is unfailing....while I am taking a call where a member has paid over $600 for something they thought was fully covered by their insurance, my attitude is on the side of error (THEIRS!) and remains as such that they might not have been taken to the cleaners, but maybe they should have been better informed in advance as to their coverage and should have actually ASKED why they were writing a check for $600!! (that's the delivery that turns a pissed off person into a groveling consumer begging for information after the fact known as buyers' remorse)

In my other life (aka passion-job) I empower women (and a few good men) with the ability to create something from the heart with their hands. Whether it be a scrapbook layout or card, I love the CAN DO attitude that I relay in teaching.

Like I said earlier, some people are never happy. Some people end up with buyers' remorse (well honey, why did you spend over $100 on glues, papers and ribbon?) Cause they were PUR-deeeee! Nope, it's cause my infectious attitude gave them a reason to want a little something extra in their life. Maybe it is just papers, glues and ribbon...
("JUST"???!!!)but by're gonna LOVE that card you spent 4 hours making even though it's 2 weeks late for the intended. So what if that layout is made with pictures from 17 years ago! Hey! That's what scrapbooking is all about! (day late years short)
It's the CAN DO attitude!

How do you deliver?


Pammiewhammie said...

Terri.... it's the can do attitude alright! In this day and age of "I want it and I want it NOW" - the can do attitude throws people off! LOL I love that feeling of surprizing someone with a 'yes sure we can do that for you RIGHT NOW!' Most times they aren't sure what hit them!

Betsy said...

How the heck do I book mark you? This isn't anything like MySpace - argh!