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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quite "Cat"ty

There are "cat"ty people, then there are "Cat" people....
I'm not a "Cat" people, but I can sure appreciate a gorgeous Cat!
This is my friend from work Jul'z cat. We had a picture taken of us at an award ceremony (go me!) and she liked it so much, asked me if she could borrow my camera to take some photos of her yard and while she had the camera, took some of her cats.
I love the texture of this cat's fur, but take a good look at his eyes and nose.
Those black lines are REAL markings!
Wish I had eyes like that so when I'm feeling "Cat"ty, I'll look the part as well!

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Tresa Black said...

Okay Terri, you've been tagged! See my blog, then post your own 7 random facts!