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Friday, August 24, 2007

Book Review-The Scrapbook

I was fortunate enough to have been contacted by a "sister" Close To My Heart Consultant Peggy Baker recently.
She was soo sweet in her first email to me...(schmoooze properly I tell ya!) In the course of our emails, she mentioned she had just had her FIRST novel published!! How totally cool is that?!
(ok,coming from someone who has been stuck on Chapter 6 of her own book for over 4 years, I thought it was totally cool!)

Anyhoot, Peggy told me the title of her book, The Scrapbook, and oh yea the title had me at "scrap"...I figured gotta read this...but when?! She gave me the link to purchase and I honestly did write it down on my to do list.
Well, maybe being very astute and a bit telepathic, my reply tone to her must have said, "yea right, it's right up there with having another tooth pulled on my to-do list", so being the oh-so-fabulous author she is, next thing ya know I found an autographed copy in my mail box!! Wahoo! NOW I can make the time...heck with sleep or any other projects on the top of that to-do list.

It's a nice size paper-back and I figured (erroneously) a quick read.
Did I say NOT a quick read?! Good, cause for someone who could whip through a Harry Potter in a week (old eyes ya know), I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was going to savor every word.

I can't tell you how many times I laughed, cried (too many to admit on the tear level, but I guess I was due!) and actually said out loud, "hey! I know that blippity blip!! (can't spoil anything there! hehe)

With any good book, there's a beginning, a middle and an end. Most times I can guess what may happen, what turns and twists will occur...but boyO! oh BOY! I didn't see a lot of things coming! I was like, "what? woh? wait...back up here...what'd I miss?"
I did do a lot of reflecting, too while reading this book.
It does center around the the theme of scrapbooking...the who/what/where and of course the relationships that we all love to treasure, celebrate and remember.

Ok...I could go on....
I would normally go on...
but if you scrapbook, ya gotta read this book.

If you've every had a friend since birth (ok that's rare, but maybe a longtime friend) ya gotta read this book.

If you deserve a break in life and have a few hours each day, ya gotta read this book


If you don't scrapbook now, after reading this book, you might just find yourself borrowing some paper scraps from someone who does!

I loved receiving a true gift from a stranger who shares some of the same thoughts and feelings I do.

Well done, Peggy...well done! (sorry, cant' get the linkie thing to work, durn it!)

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Susan H said...

I read the book review and I've boogied off to buy it -
Why do I let you talk me into all of this "stuff"?? I have to get back to finishing me carrrrrrds...
Are you working on yers??
**Pirate speak due to watching the Pirates of the Carribean with the boys - Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!**
Saaaay...where's the new guestbook thingy?? I have a photo for yew!!