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Thursday, August 16, 2007

RaNdOm FaCtS aBoUt Me

1. When I was “on my own” I’d dress like Cher’s charachter Laverne and do singing telegrams. I even won first place in a local Gong Show!
A few years back, I wore the costume to a Convention’s now retired. Once I no longer needed to “pad” the hip and butt area, uh, well...

2. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor...During the SGK Race for the Cure a "Survivors" wall of Honor was on display.

And there's my name to prove it!

My friend Margie and I have one huge common bond; she's a BC Survivor, too.
That's where our polar similarities separate.
She is a devoted Christian, I'm a work in progress.
She is an awesome baker, I love to eat whatever she bakes.
She's a tea drinker, I go to Starbucks to inhale and take pictures.
She's in great shape due to water aerobics and exercise, I love to talk about it.
She will asks the kids to play nicely, I intimidate them with the "raised eye-brow".

4. I solemnly swear I will not grow up to be just like my mother.

Oh crap! I already did!

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