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Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Poor Baby

You will not see a photo here to further aid in telling this story.
The scrapbooker in me just had to step aside for the mom role, the caretaker.

Haley had 3 impacted wisdom teeth.
Yea. What is it with dental issues with our household lately? Yeesh. I mean, I love going to Dr. Noe, but lately we are playing a big part in his ability to build a new house.
He came to the Delta, ink still wet on his degree when our long time dentist retired. He's the only dentist Haley has ever known.

The year she left for Sweden, she had to have exams from the tip of her head to parts previously unseen by other peoples. (women, you know what I mean!)
After her dental exam and cleaning, Dr. Noe informed me there was sightings of wisdom teeth. And yea, eventually the day would come they would have to be taken out.

THAT day was today.
She texted me yesterday, "momma im scared will u pay for knock-out?"
(meaning full anesthesia)
Well, choke me with a 2 by 4. Who wouldn't?!

She was weepy on and off on the way there. But I gotta tell ya, when we had to watch the video (VIDEO?!) about the procedure, I looked over and the largest tears were just running down her face. Crickie! They hadn't even put her in the chair yet!
She read and initialed the patient consent form and had to have me sign it for her.
Oh's this gonna play out?

Ok, so it's time to go in the real chair. We met the surgeon. He explains things and assures her that the only thing she will feel is the prick of the needle for the IV.
I made the mistake of saying, "you won't even see his feet anchored on the chair for leverage"
Well, the staff cracked up, but her one eyebrow went up into her forehead and the other scrunched down enough to close her eye(when did she learn MY trick?) and there
was no stopping the tears then!
K, now you have to realize.... I had the same procedure done at her age. Three root canls. I've had a C-Section with said child. I've endured 3 BC surgeries and radiation. I've slammed my thumb in a 2ton truck door, and barbed the same thumb with micro sharp scissors. Not to mention my own tooth extraction last month. So while I DO have sympathies for her, trying to ignore the stress with a bit of humor was totally lost on her.

After a few minutes, I thought I'd just peek in to see how she was doin. Staff all gave the thumbs up sign. I saw the oxygen mask on her with a gizmo that keeps her upper jaw open, and her words slurring as she fought the anethesia. My stomach sunk. I said, "did we just have an earthquake?" Everyone's head just tilted slightly in confusion. So...ya know that feeling when your vision turns dark. You feel like your equalibrium is off, and the floor is suddenly coming up to meet your nose?

Well, let's just say, we BOTH needed help to the car.

All is well, minor swelling. Boyfriend is here to jump at her every request. I just keep pumping the pain killers in her.
And mom is feeling....well...feeling like I should have a few of those pain killers myself.

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Juel said...

OR maybe a glass of wine or two ;o)

Nicole was the same when she had to have 4 taken out! Nasty!!

Praying for a fast recovery for Haley.